Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marital Maths

Take one happy boy ...
Add one happy girl ...
And what have you got? ...
One very happy couple!
Now you know the reason for the recent "radio silence".
We've all been away in South Africa.
Witnessing - and celebrating - Arran & Kate's wedding.
They called it "The Promise & The Party".
Great promises.
Great party!


  1. They sure do make a beautiful couple and, yes, a very happy one too! Have been seeing some of the wedding photos from various postings on facebook - love some of the variations from the norm, esp the cheese wedding cake! Love to you all.X

  2. I wondered what the Bastables were up to and am so glad to see that you are all celebrating with the newly weds in South Africa!!

    With lots of love from Lizzie and Roddy McClean