Wednesday, March 19, 2014

20 Years & Counting

New Life's anniversary falls on St. Valentine's Day.
Now if that isn't appropriate, what is?
Close to the date, we throw an Annual Anniversary Party.
And invite our former children & their new families.
This year we threw an extra special party.
Because it was our 20th anniversary.
That's 20 years. And 1,500 rescued babies.
Celebrating was not difficult!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little Women

The real 'bun'.
Better looking than a Chelsea one.
Baby Evie. Lord Chamberlain's latest little lady.
And the last holder of that title. With today's inheritor.
Isn't it great when the baby sister becomes a big sister?
Harriet's mum Cherry knows all about that too, eh?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bun's Out The Oven

It's official.
Grandchild No. 5 (aka Evie) has arrived.
It might be more than a week after the expected date.
But the 'bun' (Evie) is finally out of the 'oven' (Cherry).
And so are ours. Fine, fruity, sticky, Chelsea ones.
Shared with Clive & Mary this morning.
To celebrate sweet Evie's arrival.
Welcome to the family!

She's Some 'Gail'

A 'Gail' blew into our garden recently.
All the way from Scotland. That's some journey, eh?
Susanna's happy though. Glad to have her auld friend back.
Here's the two of them. Taking it easy on Sunday afternoon.
And also taking a rare few minutes off from talking.
To do a little bit of reading.
It didn't last long!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lucky Lad

Both our boys have super singing voices.
Can you spot Levi in the 6th Grade School Choir above?
It's a bit easier in this photo. The only boy among 6 girls.
Lucky lad!

Boating Bestwicks

It seems all visitors get the statutory Lake Naivasha trip.
And David & Yvonne were no exception to this unwritten rule.
Here they are resplendent in their bright orange life-jackets.
Just back from Crescent Island.
Where, en route, we had passed this very happy chappy.
He is smiling, isn't he? Practically grinning, actually?
We also met this very fine fellow.
And people say I've got a big nose!
Talking of big noses ...
... this marabou stork was waiting for us upon our return.
Naivasha never disappoints.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Porch Pals

Another City Church Aberdeen reunion on the Roses' porch.
The regulars are Adrian & Lindsay. And Susanna & me.
The newcomers this time? David & Yvonne Bestwick.
All good friends & jolly good company!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Birthday Blessings

After coffee & change of clothes, we drove out to Karura Forest.
Where we picnicked, then we walked ...
and talked ...
and enjoyed God' good gifts ...
and all felt better for it!

Another Year Bites The Dust

Susanna's birthday fell on a Sunday this year.
So we started the day by worshipping at All Saints' Cathedral.
After the service, we headed back to Charles & Gillian's place.
For a quick cup of coffee. And a change of clothes.
In preparation for our walk in Karura Forest.
(EDITOR's NOTE: these photos are before the change of clothes!)
Of course, these two rascals were not going to be left out.
And got to perfect their funny-faces-for-photos routine!

Wheely Wonderful

What a way to start the year!
I&M Bank donated a brand new vehicle to New Life.
It's gone to our Nyeri home, the most active in baby rescue.
Not to be outdone, the toddlers parked their car next to it.
Which gave I&M a great photo opportunity.
The keys were handed to Mary, who doesn't drive.
No wonder she (and everyone else) began to giggle.
So when she was persuaded to take the wheel ...
the toddlers decided they'd better help her!

Not For The Squeamish

Gerro's orthodontic work has begun.
At Kijabe Mission Hospital. About 90 minutes from Nairobi.
Gerro will be a regular visitor over the next 2-3 years.
This is what the dentist gets to see. Lucky him!
That's an expander inside Gerro's mouth.
Pushing his teeth apart. To correct his slight cross bite.
I had to crank it further apart, twice a day, for a week or so.
Once the expander was at full stretch, Gerro's braces were fitted.
Here he is, exposing his teeth & braces for the dentist to take photos.
Not for the squeamish!

Crescent Island Critters

One of my favourite sights on Crescent Island is the fish eagle.
But it is not the only wild bird on the island ...
Here are two other exotic specimens!

Dotty Daughter

Once on Crescent Island, Lauren shed the life jacket.
And went into some strange drum major routine.
Must be something in the African air!

Land Ahoy, Lauren

One Christmas highlight was our day trip to Lake Naivasha.
We took the boat to Crescent Island. Past the hippos.
Only Lauren can make an orange life jacket look this good.
I love this photo. Her natural beauty shines through.
I've loved this girl for 29 years!

Trouble Trebled

Lauren & Lucas came to celebrate Christmas with us.
So the Three Amigos - Levi, Gerro, Lucas - were back together.
That's triple trouble for the rest of us!

Radiant Rhoda

We miss this smile.
It belongs to Rhoda, our Senior Social Worker until very recently.
But, after her husband landed a new job in Uganda ...
she followed him there, together with their children.
Uganda's gain is very much our loss!

Global Get Together

Once a year, we have a big get together here in Nairobi.
With all the New Life leaders from across the country.
Plus all our biggest partners from around the world.
A time to catch up, share ideas, make plans, and ...
put another snapshot in the family album!

Babies 'R' Us

Occasionally they come in twos.
But mostly in ones.
Plus a cuddly friend to keep them company.
But whether in ones or twos ...
There's always a big hug & a big smile waiting to welcome them.
This newcomer's getting her hugs & smiles from Carlotta.
Karibu New Life!