Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gi's A Hug

Any of you who have been here will recognise this look.
It's that irresistible "please give me a hug" look.
Could you say "no"?

Caught Red-Handed

We were driving back from Nakuru the other day.
When suddenly all the cars were flagged down by soldiers.
The reason? President Kibaki's motorcade was on its way.
Took about half an hour for all the cars & bikes to pass.
In the meantime, I took care of my overheated engine.
While Susanna took this shot through the windscreen.
Like my red asbestos gloves? Pretty, eh?

Positive People

Recognise these two?
They're our very good friends, Tony & Roz Mitchell.
We first met them when they lived near us in NE Scotland.
But nowadays, their home is in Houston, Texas, USA.
There, they run a training company called People Positive.
In December, they ran team building sessions.
At all our homes. And at no cost. What a blessing!
This picture is from of the sessions here in Nairobi.
Haste ye back!

Babe In Arms

You've seen Claire before in an earlier post.
With Carlotta, our international volunteer of the year.
But here she's swapped Carlotta for one of our cute kids.
I'm sure Carlotta will forgive her.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little Baby, Big Eyes

Maybe this look is even more irresistible than the last one?
With all these distractions, it's a wonder we get any work done.
In fact, my friend and colleague Kyeni often tells me:
Some of us are working hard and some are hardly working!


What have we been up today?
Started with Palm Sunday service in the cathedral. Hosanna!
In the highest!

What A Looker

 How could anyone resist a look like this?
Clearly not this poor unsuspecting volunteer!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Laughing Laundry Ladies

Kahara's not the only one smiling.
Here are two of my favourite laundry ladies laughing out loud.
Florence (so-so smile, left) and Olpha (serious smile, right).
And the laundry ladies are also the language ladies.
My most patient Kiswahili tutors, by half.
Asante, walimu (thank you, teachers)!

Karibu, Kahara!

Meet my new boss, Kahara Mbugua.
Kahara started on March 1st as New Life's first ever CEO.
After working closely with us as a consultant for the last year.
He's a qualified accountant with bags of corporate experience.
But he's also been a Sunday School teacher for 20-plus years.
That's right. You guessed it. He LOVES kids.
He and his wife Hellen have 3 of their own ... so far!
In short, he's tailor-made for this new responsibility.
Guess God was the tailor?