Monday, November 28, 2011

Roving Reporter

Recognise this? It's a honeymoon suite.
If you happen to live in Tana River County, Kenya.
This one was snapped by Esther, our newest PR team member.
She's serving New Life as something of a roving reporter.
Collecting stories from our many locations across Kenya.
And specialising in our more far-flung ones.
Here's the young lady herself.
At the entrance to the same suite.
Just minus one groom at the moment!
Any offers?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daily Bread

We have a French artisanal bakery on our doorstep.
It is called Alexandre. And you MUST visit it, when you visit us.
Anyway, I was buying a baguette from there a few weeks ago.
And chatting about New Life Home at the same time.
The manager immediately came up with a wonderful idea.
That we should receive ALL their leftover bread each day.
Since then, we've collected bin liner bags full of bread every day.
It really is some of the finest bread available in this city.
Need proof?
Just look at the smile it's putting on this toddler's face!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Come Back, Jamie

It was great to have a team of 10 from City Church Aberdeen.
Between them they visited 7 of our homes/centres in 2 weeks.
Jamie (above) had to leave a few days before the others.
But she had all the office staff here begging her to stay.
Everyone wanted more of her one-to-one coaching on MS Office.
She did finally get permission from the staff to leave.
But only on the strict understanding that she must come back.
Soon and very soon.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Good Job!

Someone taught our toddlers to stick up their thumbs and say:
It has rapidly caught on among all of us here.
Has one of the staff done something a little bit extra or special?
Then up go their team members' thumbs and their shouts of:
Last Saturday my wee niece Leanne became Roland's wee wife.
So the four of us here stuck up our thumbs and shouted:
And hoped that she & Roland would hear it 5,000 miles away!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

WednesDay Is YaYaDay

We have a posh shopping centre near here called YaYa Centre.
And every Wednesday afternoon we get out all our pushchairs.
Load them up with all our crawlers and toddlers.
Recruit a small army of volunteers.
And then head off to the centre.
The kids love it.
If I ever forget it's Wednesday, I'm quickly reminded.
By toddlers screaming "YaYa" upon first sight of the buggies!