Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tartan Trio

Julia didn't come alone.
She brought her own personal security detail.
In the shape of her daughter Rebecca, a dental nurse.
And Rebecca's boyfriend Neil, an IT desktop engineer.
Rebecca made the perfect First Aid "dummy". No offence!
And Neil did a fantastic job of tidying up New Life's mailing list.
A job that he took back to Scotland to complete.
That's dedication for you!

The Tartan Trainer

My mum & dad were with us for 10 weeks.
But while they were here, we had another visitor.
Julia Fraser. A good friend from City Church Aberdeen.
Here she is. Outside the doors of All Saints' Cathedral.
About to join us for the morning worship service.
As a nurse, Julia was a fantastic help to us & our Nairobi team.
She joined forces with our own in-house trainer Jaqui Mwango.
And in just 2 days they trained all our Nairobi staff in First Aid.
Including me!


It wasn't all work for mum & dad. Almost. But not quite.
Between jobs, they'd warm their aching muscles in African sun.
And would even set up the occasional back garden card school.
In this instance, they both look suitably intent on winning.
But if anyone knows anything about my mum and games,
then the phrase that must come to mind for my poor dad is ...
"lamb to the slaughter"!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Roll Over!

There were 15 in the pool and the oldest one said:
Roll over, roll over!
So they all rolled over and ... Gran stepped IN!
There were 16 in the pool and the oldest one said:
Roll over, roll over!
So they all rolled over and ... Gran sat DOWN!
You should have seen the Kenyan staff's faces!
You should have seen MY face?!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Ear, Eye, Nose, You

Just say what you see.
Ear. Eye. Nose. You. (Here, I knows you!)
Baby Angus thinks my dad is very funny. He's not alone!
My mum & dad are here for 10 weeks just now.
But only a little over 2 weeks still left to go.
They've worked SO hard. No surprises there, eh?
But still found time to hang out with the kids.
We'll all miss them SO much when they go.
But maybe this'll be an annual migration?
We're hoping so!

Kits To Kenya

Two very happy boys from our Ark family home here in Nairobi.
Wearing two Ellon Thistle Football Club shirts - from Scotland.
Bet they never looked better on anyone else before.
Hey, I wonder if Terion Taxis have taken any calls from Nairobi?
Requesting a lift home!