Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shake Me Up

Many of mine & Susanna's evenings are spent at home.
To while away the hours, we often watch BBC historical dramas.
Which we then pass on to Clive & Mary, who love them too.
The BBC can't keep up with our combined rate of consumption!
We really enjoyed the BBC's recent adaptation of Bleak House.
It includes a bath-chair-ridden character called Mr. Smallweed.
Who forever barks at his grand-daughter: 'Shake me up, Judy!'
Clive & Mary, Susanna & me, all picked up on this.
And it's now become something of a New Life catchphrase.
Hence, this bar of soap from Susanna in my Christmas stocking.
Look closely!

An African Advent

Another magical idea from Susanna for our Kenyan Christmas.
More firelight. But this time from our five Advent candles.
Standing in a wreath, which Susanna made herself.
But not from holly and ivy. They are a little scarce here!
But from some of our local plants. Good, isn't it? Exotic even!
What a wonderful way my wife has of making memories.

The Fascination Of Fire

Here are those same two boys, a little later on Christmas Day.
Toasting marshmallows in our newly-acquired clay chiminea.
If you look carefully, you can just about pick out their outlines.
This was one of Susanna's ways of adding a touch of magic.
Quite hard to do when you're celebrating Christmas in summer.
But firelight after dark was a big hit. Especially with our boys.
Who would have happily stayed up all night. Burning things.
And making themselves sick with sweet & sticky marshmallows.
The simple pleasures, eh?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

We And Our Shadows

Susanna and I weren't the only two around on Christmas Day.
There were those two other chaps.
Who always seem to follow us everywhere these days.
I'm talking about the one pictured above.
With what's known locally as a Mombasa-to-Kampala smile.
And his ever-present sidekick pictured below.
Who looks a little more pensive on this occasion.
Probably wondering which gift to open first?

Monday, January 02, 2012

What Is She Up To?

We've just had our quietest Christmas Day ever.
Just the 4 of us. No visiting friends or family from overseas.
Maybe that's why Susanna decided to decorate herself?
With one of the tags from the Christmas presents.
She is definitely God's gift to ME!