Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stick Men

But for Levi & Gerro, far more important than Hannah's burgers ...
are Hannah's boys.
The 4 of them have always got on wonderfully well.
And at each reunion effortlessly pick up where they last left off.
Here they are thrashing weeds with a stick.
I think it's a boy thing!


Susanna's sister Hannah & her family live close to Heathrow airport.
This is very fortunate for us, when we make our annual UK visits.
As we get a few days of B&B at the beginning & end of our trips.
And Hannah is every bit as good a cook as her mum & sister.
As these photos of her home-made "Han-burgers" bear witness.
Of course, the real proof is when you follow Hannah's lead.
And sink your gnashers into one of them!