Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Devils, Baggies, Wolves & Black Cats

Each family member here "adopted" a Barclays Premier League football team to support this season.
My glory-hunting sons pounced on Manchester United.
My choice was easy too, given my soft spot for under-dogs & my own family's origins ... it's West Bromwich Albion for me.
Farrah faithfully followed my West Midlands lead and went for Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Susanna, whose family originates from Ireland & the English south coast (and who does not seem to be taking this as seriously as the rest of us) settled for ... Sunderland?
Our local cafe, Hong's, had a big plasma screen installed just before the World Cup.
And most weekends you will find four of us (I'll leave you to guess who the missing fifth member is) goggle-eyed in front of the "box", cheering on our respective teams.
Come on, you Baggies!

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