Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday Boy

A certain young man turned 9 today.
Before church, Levi unwrapped one of his gifts and yes, you've guessed it ...
added another set of Lego Star Wars to his ever-increasing collection.
He was very happy (photographic evidence to the right).
After church, the kids from The Ark, many of whom were at New Life at the same time as Levi, came over to our place.
After hot dogs & birthday cake (a football pitch design, made by Susanna) all the kids went outside and played "soccer".
Levi's verdict, when all his friends had left?
"Dad, I've had a really good birthday."

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  1. Happy belated birthday wishes Levi. I think boys have the very best birthdays, especially when they turn 9! Big birthday hugs and a kiss from me, Alison X x